How to Treat and Cure Mental Disorders for Well-being and Wellness

Mental disorders can be as bad as a physical disorders, sadly, a lot of people do not get timely medical attention for mental disorders due to the stigma associated with the mental diseases. The negligence for the treatment of mental disorders is also due to not having clearly visible symptoms and ignorance. Many people also consider mental disorders as taboo, thus, they do not speak of it.

For well-being and wellness, you should attend your mental disorders. In order to cure mental disorders, you need to understand how your mind and body work.

Human beings are made up of two basic things:

  1. Matter
  2. Mind

Everything that has physical evidence is the matter, for instance, blood, bones, muscles.

The mind is consciousness, emotions, logical thinking.

In simple terms, human beings are composed of mind and body, the former does not have a physical entity and later is just the physical entity.

Happiness is the calmness of mind and body. When the mind and the body connect with each other well, that is the state of happiness. Good health is the balance between mind and body. When the mind is compatible with the body, that is the sign of healthiness.

Mind and body both may become sick. The sickness of the mind, like the sickness of body, is curable. There are two basic ways to cure mental disorders:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Alternative medicine

Prescription drugs: People visit physicians when they are sick with bodily disorders, similarly when they show symptoms of mental disorders, they visit psychiatrists.  The physicians recommend clinical drugs to treat bodily conditions, likewise, psychiatrists administer prescription drugs for people with mental disorders. Prescription drugs are the allopathic medicines administered to the patient by a registered medical practitioner (doctor, health worker).

Prescription drugs follow the modern medicinal system. The prescription drugs are developed after many years of research and numerous clinical trials. A lot of patients get cured through prescription drugs and return to a normal life. However, many people also do not benefit from prescription drugs, in fact, people even get addicted to these prescription drugs.

Alternative medicine:  Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal remedies, etc. are included in alternative medicine. Alternative medicinal systems like Chinese Traditional Medicine, Greek Traditional Medicine, Indian Traditional Medicine, or Ayurveda, etc. are older than the modern medicinal system. The healing prescriptions and methods explained in these systems are time-tested. However, most of these methods also do not have any factual basis. They just work according to faith, there are no reasons.

Healing methods like Acupressure and acupuncture are Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are no authentic studies related to these techniques and there are no logical explanations on how these therapeutic systems actually work. However, a lot of people claim that these methods work well with physical as well as mental conditions. Some even reiterate that acupuncture and acupressure are better for depression, stress, and anxiety.

Likewise, Ayurveda and Yoga are healing methods from Traditional Indian Medicine. Ayurveda is a herbal healing method and Yoga is a mental and physical exercise for healing mind and body. A lot of herbs used in Ayurveda have not been studied by modern science, therefore, the effectiveness of these herbs is doubted by modern medicine. But then who is modern medicine to doubt the therapeutic system that evolved around 6000 BCE and passed into generations through oral tradition.

Yoga is another popular alternative healing method. Yoga is a routine of mental and physical exercise that claims to activate various nerves, organs, and psychological systems. It is not that science has never taken any interest in researching traditional medicine. After a lot of clinical studies, science has established that alternative healing methods like Yoga improve the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, etc.

There are positive and negative sides of both of these therapeutic systems, viz alternative therapeutic system and prescription drugs for the healing mind. Prescription drugs may make you addicted to drugs or have side effects such as drowsiness, weakness, faintness, etc. On the other hand, alternative medicine does not have a proven scientific basis. Whatever healing method you choose to cure your mental disorder depends on what is available to you.

Interestingly, in recent times, there is a shift from prescription drugs to alternative medicine to cure mental disorders. People are choosing alternative healing methods like yoga, meditation, acupressure, acupuncture, etc. to treat mental diseases. This sift is a result of scientific studies. Scientists have studied people who practice alternative medicine like yoga or medicine and have found that significant changes have occurred in people who are following these alternative healing methods.

Sickness in the body is because of bacteria, viruses, and malfunctioning of organs. However, mental illness may occur more from malfunctioning of the brain such as the formulation of chemical compounds, malfunctioning of nerves, development of tumors, etc. Prescription drugs are said to alter the chemical compounds or malfunctioning of the nerves. Likewise, alternative healing methods are said to condition the mind for self-healing. It has been found the migraine patients have been able to cure their conditions through Insightful Meditation. People with depression and anxiety have reported curing their conditions through acupressure and acupuncture.

In order to balance the mind and body, we have to do physical exercise as well as a mental exercise. Physical exercise makes our body fit and healthy, whereas mental exercise makes our minds sharp. We also need to eat healthy food to keep our bodies and mind healthy and fit. Mental health and physical health are related. If you have poor physical health, it is likely that you are mentally sick. And if you are mentally sick, it is obvious that you do not have sound physical health.

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