Every month about 210 people in the United States alone search “Why My Life Sucks in Google. Among these searchers, the highest searchers are from the age group of 45-54 (about 62.5 percent). Another variation of this search term, “My Life Sucks” get 260 searches every month in the United States. These search terms also get a lot of hits from countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

This brings to a conclusion that a lot of people are not happy with their life and they want to know why they are miserable and what that can do about this. That’s why we launched this site, we want to find out why life sucks and what we can do about this.

Why My Life Sucks is a website on finding optimism in life, it is a website on finding hope. We teach people how to find happiness in life, how to live a meaningful life, how to remain satisfied and content. We publish articles on alternative healing methods, herbal healing, healthy food, spiritual healing, etc.