You may not realize that “Why My Life Sucks” is one of the most searched terms on the internet. A lot of people type “Why My Life Sucks” on search bar every day. We also tried this search term on Google and went through the top 10 search results. Interestingly, almost all search results were only the articles on stress, anxiety and depression. The writers of these top 10 articles on “Why My Life Sucks” thought Life Sucks because you have stress and anxiety.

Contrarily to the popular belief, we believe that Life Sucks because you are not living well in your home. Home is the place which is the most comfortable place for you and the best place to make you happy. When your home is not right, you feel Life Sucks. That’s why we launched this site Why My Life Sucks.

At Why My Life Sucks we publish articles on homemaking, design and crafts, gardening and holistic healing to make your home heaven on earth. Why My Life Sucks features “How To” and “Do It Yourself” articles to make you feel good.